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Gun Control: My Two Cents

fingerThe gun control debate is getting out of control. No thanks to people like Piers Morgan on CNN for adding fuel to this fire. It does not matter which side of the fence you are on in this debate, the fact remains that gun ownership is woven into the fabric of the Constitution. Tragedy always makes for hasty, knee jerk decisions. Emotions will always blur rational thoughts. I myself, do not have a gun in my house. Having been a soldier, in a combat zone, I know what it is like to have a weapon at arms length 24/7. I remember what it was like to finally have the burden of it removed. It was strange, but there was discomfort, emotionally, in not having it by my side. I didn’t feel secure. The feeling eventually went away.

I do not believe there is a law that would stop crazy people from shooting random victims. The law didn’t stop Tim Mc Veigh from killing far more people than the Newtown shooting. All of these things are a complete shame and come out of hate. Teach your children not to hate.